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Sarah & Lucy's Story: Why we fell in love with Family Clubbercise

Sarah says...

I've always done a bit of exercise but not very much and not very enthusiastically.

Clubbercise has fast become one of my absolute favourite classes due to the fact firstly, that it’s in the dark so no pressure on feeling like people are watching your every move and also because the music and routines make you forget you are in the gym sweating away the day’s calories.

However, having two children and a stressful job (I’m a teacher) comes with very little free time, so I often feel the guilt of any ‘me’ time as there is little family time as well.

The gym I go to, Astley Sports Village in Cheshire, encourage family fitness and offer many sessions for kids. The fact that they've introduced Family Clubbercise means me and my 11 year old daughter Lucy get to work out together and always have loads of fun. Lucy has her own kit and glow sticks and now many of her friends and their mums come along too so it has a real community feel. The instructor Lisa has infectious enthusiasm and embraces the kids being there.

The benefits of this activity go without saying! On a cold Saturday morning just after Christmas I expect my daughter would be glued to some form of screen, be it electronic homework, group chat or just watching some telly. So this class removes more of the guilt we face as parents as I am content with the fact we are poking each other with glow sticks in between tracks rather than me battling with her over screen time.

I’m also pleased that I can be there for her as a role model and embed the importance of exercising from an early age and also showing her that the gym is a safe and fun environment full of encouragement.

Which will hopefully mean she will unlikely ever fear the gym or exercise.

Lucy says...

I love it because I get to spend time with my mummy and have fun. It’s good exercise and I love dancing especially with the flashing lights on. Lisa is really kind and loads of fun. My favourite bit is the dance offs we do.

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Sarah and Lucy

Guest Blog: "Before I started Clubbercise I was a size 22. Now I'm an instructor!"

Lisa's Story: 

31 year old Lisa shares her incredible weight loss journey...

I left my full-time job as an account manager six years ago to bring my four children up. A few months after I left my job I attended a fitness class and realised how I wanted to change my lifestyle.

I hadn’t weighed myself for a very long time so eventually after plucking up the courage I couldn’t believe it when it said I was 26 stone 5lb and was in size 30/32 clothes, I was very shy and mentally I wasn’t in a good place, I knew I had to do something about it.

LisaCotterill BeforeAfter

I contacted Stacey Cartledge, a local fitness instructor, and asked her for some help. She was amazing to me and gave me some fantastic advice.

I changed my eating habits and completely re-educated myself about foods. I became really close friends with Stacey and would attend every class she would instruct and loved every second.

I used to set myself small goals however after a while my weight loss slowed down.

Then Stacey did the Clubbercise instructor course. I absolutely loved her first class. I loved everything about it; the music the glow sticks and the fact it was in the dark. It turned me into a different person... when those lights went off I felt so confident.

Before I started Clubbercise I was a size 22, I now wear size 10/12 and weigh 12 stone. I still love my food and never go without it, I just learned how we can have anything as long as it’s in moderation.

I’m a completely different person now. I can socialise much better and not only has it physically and mentally changed me. Most importantly, it's made me a better mum to my children!

I wanted to get back into work after having Seth, my youngest child, but wanted to do something that would benefit other people, something that could potentially change someone else’s life and have a lasting impact on them just like it did for myself.

So earlier this year I booked, attended and certified in Zumba and have now moved onto Clubbercise whilst also studying towards a level 3 personal trainer diploma.

If someone had said to me 5 years ago that I would be a size 10/12 clothes size and standing up at the front of a group exercise class with a room full of people watching me I never would have believed them. But here I am making it happen and in fact I’m now covering fitness classes for Stacey who introduced me dance fitness back in 2013, I’m loving every minute, eager to learn more and excited for what the future brings.

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Guest blog: I can't stress enough how much I HATE exercise

Clare's Story: 

I don't think anyone, except my close family, can truly understand what a miracle it is that I'm voluntarily doing regular exercise.

clare davies blog

I can't stress enough how much I HATE exercise. I walk if I have to and swim on holiday if the water is warm enough. That's it.

To me, going to a gym sounds like torture. So to find a class that I will go to each week, sometimes twice a week now, really is a miracle.

I've always loved music and dancing but am not very coordinated so dance classes have never appealed.

When a group from work suggested we try out a local Clubbercise class I thought I'd give it a go - a dance exercise class with glow sticks in the dark intrigued me.

I loved it. I went home that evening and surprised my husband and kids by saying I liked it and wanted to go again.

I'm still not very coordinated but I'm getting better.

It doesn't matter if you're fit or not, young or old, as long as you're moving and sweating who cares?

You're encouraged at whatever level you can do. Go for it. Give it a try. It's like being 21 again, on holiday in Ibiza but without the hangover. Brilliant fun!

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